Importance of vitamins A, C, D, E in our joints

Importance of vitamins A, C, D, E in our joints

Joint pain and arthritis interfere with our quality of life and make us feel older than we are. There is more and more information to improve the ailments caused by inflammation of the joints, but today we are going to learn a little more about how vitamins help us to improve these ailments.

Vitamins A, C, D and E fulfill an important mission in protecting joints against wear and tear caused by movement, by consuming vitamins in a natural way, we are providing the body with a great source of energy that later becomes vitality.

Now let’s know their purpose when ingesting them, the food sources where we find them and the symptoms for deficiencies of them.

Vitamin A:

Maintains visual function, mucous membranes and healthy skin, immunity.

Food sources: Dairy, yellow and green vegetables (carrots, peppers) Orange fruits (apricot and egg yolk).

Symptoms due to deficiency of the same: Skin problems, night blindness and formation of weak bones.

Vitamin C:

Acts as an antioxidant, strengthens immunity, collagen formation.

Food sources: Citrus, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, peas.

Symptoms due to deficiency of the same: poor healing, bleeding, anemia.

Vitamin D:

Regulates calcium and phosphorus.

Food sources: Egg yolk, butter, dairy, fish oil, fatty fish.

Symptoms of deficiency of the same: Bone weakness

Vitamin E:

Antioxidant, helps form red blood cells

Food sources: Vegetable and seed oils, whole grains, leafy greens, butter, and nuts.

Symptoms due to deficiency of the same: Problems of the reproductive system, nervous system and blood cells

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