Do you suffer from anxiety in sexual relations?

Do you suffer from anxiety in sexual relations?

Anxiety in sexual relations is that which is generated when worry exceeds pleasure during an encounter with an intimate partner. If this problem is not controlled in time, it can affect intimate life.

In a normal context, all people need to live with a little anxiety in their lives, since it is an emotion that allows them to be alert in any threatening situation. Serving in this way as an adaptation mechanism for survival.

However, when it occurs consecutively in sexual practice, it should be considered that something is not quite right. If this is the case, an intervention with a health specialist or psychologist is recommended.

This condition usually takes place before the sexual encounter or at that precise moment. The reality is that it does not allow the person to fully enjoy the moment they live with their partner.

Do you suffer from anxiety in sexual relations
Do you suffer from anxiety in sexual relations

This anxiety does not depend on age, since it is irrelevant, since it can occur at any time in life. In addition to affecting sexual performance, this in turn negatively impacts the self-esteem and confidence of the person who suffers it. Reason why pleasure cannot be found, reaching the point of wanting to avoid sex.

What causes anxiety in sexual relations?

  • Loss of sex drive or appetite
  • Lubrication problems
  • Anorgasmia
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection
  • Feeling of suffocation
  • Muscle tension
  • Difficulty breathing

This type of situation always ends up eroding a relationship, especially if there is no mutual understanding and support.

Origin of this type of condition

Do you suffer from anxiety in sexual relations?
Do you suffer from anxiety in sexual relations?

Mostly people who suffer from this type of anxiety can feel some complex, problem of confidence and self-assurance, so it is recommended to go to a sexologist or psychologist for efficient help.

There are cases where people have this problem because they do not feel good about the shape or size of their genitals or they fear not meeting the expectations of their partner.

Stress also influences and a factor to be considered.

Other possible causes of anxiety during sex

One of the causes may be that there are communication problems in the couple or that there is not enough trust in the other.

It is also the case that people feel bad because of any circumstance and not knowing how to manage their emotions leads to the presence of this episode of anxiety.

The fact that anxiety becomes an obstacle to the enjoyment of sexual practice should be a reason to visit a professional. Since these are the best, it is advisable regarding a treatment based on its cause.

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