Why do you drool while sleeping and how can you stop doing it?

Sleep with your mouth open

Drooling while sleeping is very common, however, it does not mean that it is something pleasant, it can be very embarrassing and annoying if you sleep with someone and your pillow wakes up soaked with saliva but is there any way to avoid it? Fortunately yes, as long as you follow some of the advice that we will give you later.

Why do we drool while sleeping?

When your body sleeps and you enter the deep sleep state, your facial muscles relax causing your mouth to open and the saliva that accumulates in your mouth to come out.

But if your muscles are relaxed, you’re enjoying your sleep and it’s something babies do all the time, is drooling bad? At first not, however if drooling is excessive it could mean something in your body is not working well.

Hypersalivation can be the result of a stuffy nose or even a neurological disorder, but remember, this is if the drool is excessive, if on the contrary, the drool is little, you should not worry so much and we can tell you a couple of things that maybe they can help you solve it and not feel sorry when you wake up.

How to avoid it?

  • Sleep on your back: Sleeping on your side or on your stomach makes it easier for saliva to come out of your mouth, so sleeping on your back, silly as it sounds, can help you stop drooling.
  • Use a device against drooling: If you want, you can use a device against drooling, which helps you keep your tongue in the correct position, your mouth closed and saliva of the pillow. But remember that you should consult your dentist.
  • Check that some medication is not the cause: If you are taking any medication, you must make sure that it is not causing hypersalivation.
  • Keep your head up –  this will help keep you from reaching the position where you drool.
  • Make sure your sinuses are not covered: having a blocked nose means you have to breathe through your mouth and this allows saliva to flow out. If they are obstructed by the climate or temperature of your country or region, you can buy a medicine to unclog the nose, like those mentholated creams that Mom applied to us when we had the flu.

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