My son does not want to eat, what do I do?

My son does not want to eat, what do I do?

One of the greatest concerns of parents and guardians arises when their children have inappetence or lack of appetite. There is nothing that distresses them more than seeing or feeling that their children are not feeding properly. All parents know that this can have serious consequences for the health of their little ones, so the concern is totally valid.

Most parents believe that only their children have these difficulties, but the truth is very often that it happens at certain stages during the development of children. It is important that they inform themselves about this and go to a specialist who supports them. However, here we will give you some important elements that can guide you a little more on this complex topic:

Why does a lack of appetite occur in children?

There can be many factors, among the most common being the presence of parasites, anemia, viral diseases. Depending on the age, it can also occur due to the appearance of teething or even a monotonous diet that quickly bores them. Lack of appetite can occur in every child for one or more of these reasons.

What consequences can poor nutrition cause in children?

The consequences are very varied , ranging from deficiency in height and weight, to serious health problems. Among them anemia and rickets. Furthermore, mental retardation may occur. These can hinder your healthy intellectual development and of course affect your education and social relationships.

On the other hand, children who do not eat properly, often have a lack of energy . This limits them to carry out their daily activities, but it also limits them with their academic activities. They have greater difficulty understanding and assimilating what they are taught.

In addition, it causes them fatigue to carry out physical activities that are essential for their psychomotor development.

How can I get my child to have more appetite?

Depending on the causes of their inappetence, you will have several alternatives to carry out and make your children feel more appetite and feed better. The first thing recommended is that you get support from a specialist. He will carry out the respective studies and will find the reason or reasons why his son has a lack of appetite.

They usually indicate deworming the little one. Also, they guide parents on the most appropriate diet according to age and weight, and according to the results of the exams. In this way, the specialist will recommend a diet specially designed to meet the child’s needs. If necessary, the doctor can indicate vitamin supplements

The main thing is to stay calm and not use force or violent methods to force him to eat. You should also avoid giving him continuous snacks or allowing him to eat outside the indicated hours, because this will cause the child to no longer have an appetite when he should eat.

In addition, you should try to create an optimal environment , where the family, through the example, shows the children that they should sit down to eat, without interruptions.

In principle, try to serve a small amount of food, and distribute it on the plate in a conspicuous way. In addition, you can prepare nutritious snacks with fruits, dairy, juices and cereals.

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