How can we properly care for our nails?

How can we properly care for our nails?

Functions of our nails

Many of us see nails with a purely aesthetic function. And in that sense, we focus all care on beautifying them to give them a good appearance.

However, our nails do a much more important job. In the first place, the nails, nothing more and nothing less, are in charge of protecting the nerve endings that we have in our fingers. Nails protect the nerve cells in our skin that allow us to feel various sensations, such as thermal ones.

In addition, it prevents that in that sensitive area, it is attacked by germs, bacteria and external objects that may cause any damage, completely protecting it.

How to care for our nails?

How you see, taking care of our nails is essential , and the truth is not something that complicated. You can do it “from the inside” consuming foods that help strengthen them, or “from the outside” applying specific treatments.

There are many foods that help strengthen our nails. They emphasize those that contain vitamin E and collagen . They are essential to protect our nails. Also vitamin B and all foods rich in biotin , such as eggs. Proteins and iron are also essential.

In this sense, fish, nuts, eggs, legumes, grains, meat and milk are recommended. These are just some of the foods you can consume to help keep your nails healthy and strong.

However, you can also take vitamins and food supplements , always with a medical control.

On the other hand, in relation to external care, it is recommended to apply olive oil, this helps to hydrate the nails and cuticles. In addition, you can also apply almond oil, or burst vitamin E capsule and apply them to the nails.

You can also do massages, and immerse your hands in warm water with salts and oils.

How to beautify our nails?

Performing the manicure, in addition to beautifying our nails, helps protect them. The most important thing is to use products that are not aggressive or harmful but rather strengthen them.

Before starting the care routine , the cuticles should be pushed back . You can use an orange stick for this. Avoid cutting them, it has a protective function. Put on a special cuticle cream.

File nails with a suitable file, avoid using steel or metal ones. Try to use a softer one. Some are even used to give natural shine by buffing your nails over the top. You can use a brush and an exfoliating cream so that they have a better finish.

Cut them with special scissors. Preferably make cuts straight. Don’t cut them too low.

You can put a protective base , usually it is a gloss or a paint of some soft color. These contain vitamins and hardener . So your nails will stay stronger and the enamel you put on it will last longer.

If you are going to paint them, use quality enamels, preferably fortified with vitamins. On it, you can place a top coat to protect the enamel.

When you go to remove the enamel, remember to use a vitamin E enamel remover . Avoid using your teeth, remember that saliva is harmful to them and weakens them.

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