Everything you need to know about dry hair

Everything you need to know about dry hair

It is normal for hair to be protected by moisture and hair grease. Dry hair is characterized by lacking this fat or sebum, or because this natural protection does not work as it should. This causes the hair to become thinner, lose such moisture, and dry out.

The dry hair and dehydrated very noticeable brittle, rough and opaque. This happens because the lack of fat does not allow the hair fiber to retain fluid. The unwanted hairpins usually appear when the hair is parched.

Although it seems impossible to recover your dry hair and revitalize it, it can be achieved. To know how to do it, you must first recognize the main reasons why this happens. In this way, you will know what you must fight against to restore your hair’s shine, strength and vitality.


There are multiple causes that can cause your hair to dry out, some can be internal and others external:

Bad nutrition

Our hair needs good nutrition to stay healthy and healthy. If you lack the vitamins and other nutrients it requires to grow and maintain its strength, you will begin to notice the consequences.

Excessive washing

Certainly maintaining good hygiene is essential. However, everything in excess is bad. Our scalp has the necessary amount of fat and washing it more than it should cause you to completely remove this natural fat and dry it out.

Indiscriminate use of chemicals

It is common that, to make various hairstyles or dye our hair, we use products that contain very harmful chemical substances. This, in addition to causing serious damage to the scalp, and drying the hair, weakens it, making it brittle.

Use of the dryer, iron, tweezers

Devices that are used to straighten or wave hair, emit a lot of heat. By using them for a long time, or very often, they can burn hair. But if they are also used directly on the scalp, it will surely cause dryness.


We have already explained why your hair dries, and surely you will have identified some of the factors that we mention. But surely you are wondering how can I know if my hair is dry? Well now we will mention the most common symptoms. If your hair is dry, you will notice that it feels or looks:

  • Opaque, dull
  • No volume or natural movement.
  • Fragile or weak.
  • Rough to the touch.
  • It has split ends.


Incredible as it may seem, just by taking into account some basic precautions, you can keep your hair hydrated and healthy . Try to maintain a balanced diet , eating fruits and other foods that provide the vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs. Also, keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day.

Avoid washing hair daily , you can do it daily or two or three times a week so that it does not lose its natural fat. Also, use natural products or products that do not contain too many chemical substances.

During the wash, massage your scalp to stimulate the sebaceous glands and do not use very hot water. Hydrate your hair weekly with natural masks .

Avoid excessive use of dryers, irons and tweezers. If you need to use them, try to keep a distance of approximately 15 centimeters from the hair root and use a special cream to protect it. But as much as possible, try to dry your hair naturally , and curl it using special rolls or tubes.

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