Do you suffer from eyelid dermatitis? See how to treat it

Do you suffer from eyelid dermatitis? See how to treat it

One of the most common conditions is suffering from eyelid dermatitis. This causes the skin on and around the eyelid to become very dry, irritated and itchy.

It is important to know what the symptoms are to identify that we are suffering from this. The main one being the inflammation of the skin around the eyes. Although you can also begin to notice that the eyelids become irritated, red, dry and swollen.

This does not necessarily have to happen in both eyes, but if this situation persists, the eyelids can undergo thickening in a process called “Lichenification”.

In the event that the dermatitis is caused by an irritant or allergen, the symptoms usually appear a few hours after contact with the triggering substance.

Treatment for eyelid dermatitis

To improve this condition, people must keep the eye area very clean, and in turn avoid touching or scratching, since this is what causes the irritation to become greater.

In addition, it is important that allergens or irritants that can cause outbreaks can be identified and avoided. As is the case with certain makeup products, perfumes, sunscreens, false eyelashes or eye drops.

For the relief of the symptoms of dermatitis the person can resort to hydration, since the fact of using moisturizing creams helps with the dryness and itching caused.

Likewise, the use of calcineurin inhibitors is recommended, which are especially used for the treatment of inflammatory disorders. It can be applied either as a cream or taken orally, but always using it with caution.

Another recommended treatment is steroid creams, which can be applied directly to the eyelid in order to treat inflammation and reduce dryness.

In the case of women, it is recommended to use all those makeups that are hypoallergenic, since they do not have certain chemicals that cause eyelid dermatitis. Especially in the mascara.

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