How to Develop the Perfect Evil Look

How to Develop the Perfect Evil Look

Maybe you want to threaten the bully at school, scare people away from you, or just seem more menacing overall. Maybe it’s all about being tough or grunge. Do you want to know how to perfect the “evil of looking?” Of course! Read on.


I don’t look angry, look bad; if you look angry it could cause the loss of friends, if one of them is a victim of your bad look.

Some people seem to be funny when it comes to doing this to make sure you have not to look funny, or else people will just laugh at you.


Look your destination directly in the eye. If they try to walk away, follow their gaze. Steadily for a few more seconds until you finally calm your eyes.

Make your eyes dark and intense. Narrow your eyes, but don’t squint. This works best if you have long lashes and very dark eyes. 

No, don’t laugh. Seriously no. Evil laughs could be fashionable or it may seem like adding affect to the look, but it can actually make you look stupid.

Biting into the inside of your cheek is painful and can keep you laughing. That makes you forget that you are watching.

Give a small smile and the cock of your eyebrow to show that you are not afraid of that person.

Do not squint. It makes you look like you need glasses.

Another thing that bothers a lot of people (therefore doing it wrong), is giving an almost imperceptible smile, and licking their upper lip very slowly.

Don’t frown. Frowning, angry, not evil.

When you are taking a look, consider what type of image you want to project. Do you want to show anger? The hardness? 

Make sure that you keep your eyes a little looked at, because if you open your eyes too wide, it looks weird.

Sucking the saliva out of your mouth and then swallowing it can help the straightaway to remain still.

Tilt your head down a little.

Do not smile or frown. Make your mouth expressionless, but also still not a flat line. Make it curl down a bit to resemble a mysterious evil smile.


To make the perfect bad look, squint and push your brows down. You can also push your jaw forward a little or make a subtle frown. Also, consider crossing your arms while staring to make him look even more evil. Try to practice your bad gaze in front of a mirror a few times, and make adjustments until it’s fair. To learn how to practice evil gaze with a friend, scroll down!

Questions and answers

Question: How can I be dominant through eye contact?

Answer: Look the other person closely in the eyes without looking away. I try to look down on them and force them to look outside the first one.

Question: How can I make the other person feel cheated?

Answer: To make the person feel tricked, try adding a small smile or sarcastic / feigned smile to go along with it.

Question: Will glasses affect my gaze?

Answer: No. If you really have a bad look, the glasses will not affect you at all. It can be made even scarier.

Question: Do spasms of my head or eyes add to the look?

Answer: Possibly, but it depends on how you run it. You want to give the person a full body shake.

Question: in this job for a play?

Answer: Of course. It is greatly exaggerated by what the public can see.

Question: I can’t glow without smiling. How can I stop doing this?

Answer: Biting the inside of the cheek. It’s painful, but I’ll also keep you from smiling.

Question: How can I get glare if all I can manage is a malicious gaze? How can I see how really angry I am?

One: Bring your eyebrows low and practice. The more you practice, the angrier you will be able to look. Also, think about the things that make you angry. This will make the look more authentic.

Question: How can I make eye contact with a verbal bully woman (who has a better way of glaring at mine) to get her to back down?

Answer: Trust is the key. Look in the mirror and imagine that you are being filled with power and confidence. I think in your head how the scene is going to play for you to be prepared. She is going to say something rude and come back with a slight smile, disgust written all over your face. Fix your gaze on your eyes, saying in your head what you want to hear, “Back, you can’t win this, I’m superior.” She is going to get the message.

Question: How can I make my eyes look stronger all the time without being angry?

Answer: Using mascara

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