How to convince your parents to let you and your friends out

How to convince your parents to let you and your friends out

If you want to hang out with your friends at the mall for an afternoon or go to an upcoming event, you may need to get your parents’ permission first. Especially if you have overprotective parents, you will have a strategy on your side. Do your research, and come prepared with all due respect, negotiate with your parents to get what you want.

Scheduling Time to Talk to Your Parents

Ask your parents when they have free time. The time has to be by your side when you want to make sure that your parents allow you to go out with friends. Find out when your parents have a few minutes to sit down and talk to you about their plans. Be accommodating to your schedules, not your own time. If your family is generally all together for dinner, that would be a good time to ask. Or if your family doesn’t relax together on Sunday afternoons, that might be an ideal time to talk.  Plan accordingly for major events. If you are asking about a concert week away, don’t wait until the last minute to ask. Parents appreciate preparation, especially when money and transportation are going to be involved. Last-minute plans usually won’t fly with parents, but sometimes you may be able to get permission to go on a low-key hang out at a friend’s house if you spring on them.  

Make sure you are in a good mood when plans are discussed. Your parents are more than likely to say no to you, regardless of the situation if you are stressed or tired. Wait until the storms hit the most, then ask if you can go hang out with friends. Definitely make sure you are not in trouble or grounded before asking for permission.

You will have to work your way out of the ground before you can expect your parents to let them do anything extra. Cleaning your room is a great way to show that you are mature. Also, displays can be organized and useful. A good time to ask would be when you have finished your homework and homework for the week. Or to sweeten the deal, do all those things on top of cleaning after dinner. Don’t forget to post each’s suggestions so often, so they aren’t so surprised when you tell them.

Be patient while waiting to speak to your parents. You listen to them endlessly discouraging them from saying yes to you. Annoying parents are less likely to be very generous and are more likely to get into trouble if you push too far. Give them a couple of days to think about their questions.

I work with his family’s schedule. Whatever your plans are, it is in your best interest to try to plan things with your family on a day-to-day basis. Don’t ask to talk to your parents about serious plans when it comes to a busy errand day. Instead, wait until everyone is home and enjoying the night, so there is time to discuss your plans. For example, if mom is to drop her sister off at soccer practice, you could ask to be dropped off at the nearby mall later as that is the way. Coordinate your plans with your parents. Try not to ask for extra waves too often and instead think about how you can combine trips around the city. Avoid asking to jump out on your family’s events to go hang out with friends. Overloading your parents will be less likely to occur in the future. 

Negotiate With Your Parents

Come prepared to present your argument to them. Have all the details ready when your parents have time to talk. The more information you’ve got , the higher your argument are going to be.  Tell them where you are going, who will be with you, how long you will be away, and what you will do. Be completely honest all the time. If you get caught in any kind of lie, you will lose your parents’ confidence. You cannot have too much detail. Know in advance if you are going to need transportation, spending money, or reservations if you want to go to attend a scheduled event. Start small and work bigger. Before asking to go on a great week-long trip, try asking to stay over at a friend’s house for the first night.

Explain why you want to go. It may be obvious to you that you don’t want to miss out on the big camping of the year or a super sale in the mall. Her parents on the other hand may not know why it’s such a big deal, to be clear when she asks for permission. Explain why this opportunity is exciting for you.  If there are educational benefits, and be sure to mention them, as your parents want you to be successful in school.

Tell your parents what they want to hear. They care about you and your safety and want the best for you. Reassure them that where you go is safe and that you are not stupid enough to do something dangerous or illegal. Keep the promise of a cell phone charged to you and communicate with them periodically while you are away. He will inform you of any adult escorts you are going to be with what he knows will be taken care of. Even if they already trust you, saying they are trustworthy will help strengthen their case. 

Keep calm when talking about plans. Being dramatic and raising your voice is only going to show that you are still too immature to leave. You can show emotion, but don’t let enthusiasm turn into a rage when things don’t go your way. You still have a chance to convince them, so don’t spoil it by losing your cool.  Even if it seems like your parents are going to say no, try your best not to scream, yell, or cry out of frustration. Do not threaten or make demands. You will not be able to convince your parents by threatening to stop doing housework if you cannot get out. You will only have more problems.

Give them time to think things over. After presenting your parents with your plans, make them think. For example, you might say, “Thanks for listening. If you want a little time to think about your decision, I understand. ” This goes to show that you are being patient and mature, even if you just want to spend some time at a friend’s house playing video games. 

Involve your children only when necessary. Offer to bring your sister or brother along with you if your parents are still unsure about letting go. Sometimes having a brother buffer convince them that you are not misbehaving. Siblings have a tendency to inform parents. This can work in your favor when parental negotiation is going to be more trusting if a sibling is with you. However, make sure that you do behave in case they get close, as they could still tattle on you to your parents. 

Accept defeat in order to win next time. Even if your parents say no, you’ll still benefit. Thanks for talking to you and don’t get mad or yell at him. If you show maturity and understanding, even when they say no, the next time they ask you for something, they will be impressed by your behavior and say yes.

Seal the Agreement

Do all your homework and homework in advance. Make an effort to clean your room and finish any of the school projects before going to your parent’s permission. Don’t reason the question, you just have everything done, so you will be impressed with your mature time-management skills. If you don’t have time before asking, promise that you will have all your responsibilities done before you leave.

Your parents talk to their friends or to any of the companions. Odds are, your parents want to know if he’s going to be an adult when he goes out with friends. Give them a chance to call and talk to the other parents. Showing your parents that you will have supervision will help convince them to let you out.  If you don’t have the adults who were with you, don’t lie to your parents and say there are some. They will realize the lie over time.

Give your parents a chance to get together with their friends. If you have never met people who want to go with him, they can be cautious. Invite your friends over to your house first to let them know their parents. That way, when you ask to date them, their parents know each other and trust you to be.

A kiss to your parents. A little servility or begging may go a long way. While you wait for your parents to give you permission, let them know how much we appreciate them by writing notes or just telling them. Being on her best behavior helps, but also doesn’t hurt doing things like bringing the flower house to her mom or letting her dad have the last piece of cake. Be subtle and not too obvious. Parents will be able to pick up on the lies you make about them, only to get to give something. Do not overdo it. Butter up your parents, but they don’t go overboard like they think you’re faking it.

Offer to do extra work around the house. Do extra chores on top of what you are already planning to do. Wash your cars, mow the lawn before you even ask, or help make dinner for a couple of nights to get on your good side. Doing a job that allows them to relax more and they will be in a better frame of mind to ask for and get permission to go out. 

Show your appreciation later. Thanks to your parents, it doesn’t matter what they say. Be thankful if they allow you to go out with friends. If they say no, I still thank them. Remember, your parents want you to have fun, they also want the best for you in general. Be grateful for your love and protection, regardless. 


During the process of convincing your parents, make sure that you are going to be honest all the time as well as when you go out.

Breaking trust is the fastest way to get ashore, as well as jeopardizing any future plans you may have.


To convince your parents that you and your friends are going to tell details about what you are going to do, such as where you are going to go, who is going to go with you, and how you are going to get there, as this makes them more likely to agree. You should also explain to your parents why you want to go because the reason may not be apparent to them. For example, telling them that the trip is going to be important for their education or because you want to meet your friends is better. If you are very concerned about letting go, stress that it is safe where you are going and that you will keep a cell phone charged with you at all times in case you need to make contact. Offer to introduce your friends to your parents if this may make them feel easier. When you talk to your parents, Avoid losing your stirrups or arguing aggressively with them, as this will show them that you are not mature enough to get out. Instead, give them a little time to think things over after they have explained their plans. For tips on how to respond if they say no, read on!

Questions and answers

Question: So my mom is very overprotective and I want to go to my friend’s house. It’s not that she doesn’t like my friend, she just thinks she’s a bad influence, but she doesn’t. She is the reason paper math happens to me.

Answer: Sit down together with your mom and explain why you wish this friend. Specifically mention how she has helped you. It can also help introduce your friend to your mom and have your friend hangout at your first home.

Question: My dad won’t let me go to my friend’s house, because he said he is an overprotective father and said what if something happens to me?

Answer: Have your dad meet your friend’s parents. You can invite your father to your house just as well as she is with you and see that it is safe and leave you alone next time.

Question: What if they really are concerned about my safety and the claim that the other parent is supposed to be there?

Answer: If that’s the case, your wishes should be respected and another parent asked to go. Or instead, you can ask them to go with you so that you have to worry about your safety.

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